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SolarDirect Was Live at Obangogo 2018

Yet again a historic moment at Obangogo Mountain Tourism which held on the 27th of December 2018. This event is tagged Obangogo 2018.

The Obangogo mountain, according to history, was formed as a result of volcanic eruption dated thousand of years ago. This igneous rock, which is geographically located on a longitude of 176638.210E, Latitude of 857813.110N, is about 4.8 kilometres flight distance from the main highway of Kabba – Okene and has an elevation (summit) of 615.50 metres above the sea level. The hill is about 200 meters taller than the famous Mount Patti (Where Lord Lugard and Flora Shaw coined the name Nigeria) in Lokoja, making it the second tallest mountain in Kogi State after the famous Oke-Esa in Idagbon of Ikowo-opa in Owe land which is the highest mountain in the present Kogi state. Standing on top of Obangogo, one can view Osara, Okene and parts of Lokoja metropolis that are several kilometres away.

Obangogo 2018 was organized in a bid to allow tourists far and near get to see the beautiful mountain/rock.

The event was highly graced by dignitaries including the Hon Speaker of the House of Assembly Kogi State, Rt. Hon. Prince Mathew Kolawole, the Obaro of Kabba His Royal Highness Solomon Dele Owoniyi, Obaro Otitoleke Oweyomade 1 and many others.

Amazingly, SolarDirect was live at the event to give light and power to the event as tourists had the privilege of charging their phones and devices for the very first time in the history of Obangogo festival.

Tourists applaud Consistent Energy for spicing up the event particularly affording them the opportunity to charge their phones and devices to stay connected.

The year is up and running, start the new year with a solar home system today and enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

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